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Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

At TMC, we provide Cloud Managed Services with our skilled resources that augment your inhouse functionalities and IT infrastructure to be managed in collaboration with a third-party managed service provider (MSP) via cloud platforms. We help architect, build and manage elaborate solutions that simplify your processes, workflows, and cut down costs significantly. Our Managed Cloud Services helps you focus on business strategy and shifts the focus from daily administrative tasks.

Cloud Migration:

Our Cloud Migration Services not only migrates a single server, or a single application, but also a group of servers or a group of applications to public or private cloud.

Our experts will help you migrate and run your IT workload between different infrastructures:

– On-premise to any public cloud
– Between different public clouds
– Any public cloud to on-premise

Cloud Management:

Throughout the years, TMC has developed clear and well-defined set of processes and procedures that are in-line with the industry standards and best practices. We take your responsibility for daily IT requirements, managing all your cloud-based services, with skills to efficiently monitor and sustain a cloud environment. Our technical support boosts your business operations with cloud security, computing, data storage, network operations, applications, vendors and much more.

Being a Cloud Managed Service Provider, we will also help in monitor and reporting, test performance, and handle backup and recovery.

Cloud Optimization:

Over time, your cloud environment can drift from its initial state resulting in technical debt, a degraded security posture, and undocumented one-off changes. TMC can help your business evaluate its cloud environment, report critical security gaps, recommend remediation steps, and re-architect your cloud performance for maximum efficiency.

What We Do

  • Optimize cloud resources usage
  • Reduce cost through utilization of latest cloud services
  • Strengthen cloud security
  • Automate cloud operations for cost reduction