Transworld Mercantile Corporation

Security Solutions

Security Solutions

By implementing our security systems, you will be able to fortify your facilities against break-ins and will be able to set up a significant psychological deterrent to those who would otherwise feel that they can act against your businesses with impunity.

Whether you require a simple CCTV system, an alarm system or comprehensive integrated system, our security systems are your resources for end-to-end security solutions. We provide a holistic project installation and service for diverse security solutions, eliminating the added hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. Our expertise includes access control, video surveillance, and integrated physical/logical security and intrusion systems among others. We have vast experience with a wide variety of systems that lower cost and improve network flexibility and scalability and when needed we developed fully custom solutions tailored for your needs.

Some mentionable features:

  • Surveillance solutions
  • Video Surveillance as a Service
  • Integrated physical/logical security and intrusion systems
  • Security & Surveillance Consulting
  • Access control systems
  • Custom security systems & solutions